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Zhaklina Dima

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Hi, I’m Zhaklina! Sociotherapy is a social science and form of social work and sociology that involves the study of groups of people, its constituent individuals, and their behavior, using learned information in the case and care management towards holistic life enrichment or improvement of social and living conditions.

My Story

Lecturing:    Redford    University    –    Virginia,    Montessori school presenter-India, MPPS trainer,  founder&participant, self-initiative with variety of topic as living environment and ecology.
Certificated Social therapist drama and Social metric trainer for non- clinical population (EU certificate).
Communication skills and psychological growth and development through the frame of reference of   Transactional Analysis and Systemic Family Therapy.


Provide  strategy and  volunteer  in  projects with the non-government sector,  organize humanitarian events, and collaborate with national and international organizations.
Work with different groups on  stressful job positions,  with decision-makers,  IT analysts,  managers,  women entrepreneurship  and  so  on. Solving stress and find leadership on a personal level as a  tool to attach balance and harmonize energy,  focus, and concentrate with clients.

My Values & Beliefs

My Values

My values are based on fundamental universal laws, some of which we know conventionally as science, some unconventional as an alternative, and many of which we do not yet know, but use. We enjoy every star in every river, in every flower, in the time, in the space and everything that is in us and outside of us, seen or not seen. I want to feel everything as much as I can. I enjoy in every second of life, everywhere with everyone.

My Believes

I believe in honesty, eloquence, truthfulness, knowledge, experience, acknowledge and so on.. I believe in all this in combination with all aspects of all emerging bodies in the being Man. Those bodies are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually aspect of it.
I believe in my capacity and I know that is much unlimited, just I need to fire and relaxed. It is the same as everyone else! Just we need to click and feel the Aha effect.
I believe that we are all part of a universal organism in which every segment is important, including living and inanimate nature. I believe in a positive approach to thought, speech, action or activity. I believe that the world is beautiful and worth experiencing. I believe in the freedom to choose, to decide, to move, to choose where we want and how much we want until we do not cross the border of the other. I believe in our own limits, which are also basic to respect ourselves. I believe in everything that is healthy, free, unique, fun, interesting and worth experiencing.

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My Approach

As you can see in my picture and understandable to everyone, and it’s called Holistic. Flowers, earth, grass, horizon, me, sky, sun, moon, mountain, tree, hill, forest, man, smile, bee, …
My approaches are hedonistic, altruistic, cosmopolitan, open-minded what does it mean in the full meaning of the word. I accept priory people as good and basically I believe that everyone has something unique and inner wealth deep in self.
I want to experience, experiment, manifest, live alive, with full potential given to me and share this with awaking people and all who are on the way to wake up and live fully to the fullness of goodness.

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